Forever Dylan Rieder

Tribute to the recently departed FA/HUF rider Dylan Rieder made in collaboration with Lucas Beaufort and Rob Howland.

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Adidas Away Days Japan Tour

ADIDAS SKATEBOARDING “AWAY DAYS TEAM TOUR TOKYO & OSAKA“がなんと日本で開催されます!! チームライダー達も来日予定です!!お楽しみに!! Coming soon – October 19, 2016

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Clips: Homie Time

Fun day of shredding with the homies Taro, Leo, Hiroto and Shinya.

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Video: Monster Cruise

Thomas Filmより、新作フルレングスビデオ”Monster Cruise”です。 This new video from Thomasfilm is sick. So stoked to see all the parts from the homies. Ryota Abe killed it!!! Get the DVD Here! Get stoked. Check the trailer…

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Clips: Hot as fuck

This summer is dope! Chill line with the homie Danny Knight at Nakanoshima.

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Clips: Gone Skating

Some quick cruising with the homies around Horie.

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The Mint Presents “On”

[trx_video url=”″ ratio=”16:9″ autoplay=”off” top=”inherit” bottom=”inherit” left=”inherit” right=”inherit”] Some shredding with the homies from The Mint skateboarding shop in Osaka, Japan.

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The Independent Skateboard Film Festival

Wish us luck. Our shop video “Super Collective” made it into the Independent Skateboard Film Fest. It’s showing this week at the ChaCha Lounge, in Glendale. For those homies in LA, we hope you can make it out. Check out the trialer:   Also it’s The Skateboard Mag‘s 149th issue release paaaarrrrrrtttty! Should be dope! […]

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Adidas Away Days Osaka Premiere

今週土曜日、大阪で唯一ADIDAS “AWAY DAYS”の試写会をするスポタカスケートパークで、その試写会の前にTHE MINT PRESENTS “ON”の試写会をします! ※入場FREE 5月28日 (土) 20:00 〜 @ SPOTAKA SKATEPARK FACTORY X

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The LB Experience

I first reached to Lucas back in September on a whim, with hopes of coming up with some kind of event to happen here in Japan. As a fan of photography and a fan of Lucas’ work, I thought it would be rad to come up with something epic… and we did. 私は最初ここ日本で大きなイベントをしたいと思い、9 月にルーカスに連絡した。彼はBig Artistで返事が返ってくるか不安だったが返事が来て THE […]

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