Gone In Taiwan

Last year we gathered up the homies and took a trip over to Taiwan. It took a while but I guess it’s finally time to put out the edit. Good trip with good homies. Enjoy.

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[trx_video url=”https://vimeo.com/168516435″ ratio=”16:9″ autoplay=”off” top=”inherit” bottom=”inherit” left=”inherit” right=”inherit”] Some shredding with the homies from The Mint skateboarding shop in Osaka, Japan.

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mint supercollective

Super Collective

Super Collective – The latest video featuring the boys from The Mint Skateboarding shop as well as a bunch of homies from all over the place. A couple pros, but mostly bros and 100% good times. Sit back, enjoy and crack a beer with it. Edited by Bug Barnes mintskate.com Instagram: @_the_mint

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mint herstwood japan

Herstwood Hit Japan

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mint dizzy brizzy tour

The Dizzy Brizzy Tour

The crew from The Mint Skateshop get dizzy down in Brisbane, Australia for a week of beers, shredding, and good times. Support your local skateshop! mintskate.com

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