Sayonara Homies!

So there’s no real easy way to put this, but with a very heavy heart I’m super bummed to inform all you homies that The Mint will be closing it’s doors at the end of this month. I’m sure this will come as a shock to many, but this is something that was decided last […]

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Intro: Numbers Edition

“Numbers Edition” Eric Koston とGuy Marianoが新しく Deck Company を作った模様。 その新作クリップがアップされました。 ライダーもEric Koston , Guy Mariano , Rodrigo TX , Miles Silvas , Antonio Durao ヤバイライダーが揃ってるのでこれからの発表が楽しみです。 Thrasherから日本語に翻訳されたインタビューがこちら: YanchaDigs.Com Check it…  

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Devoted – A film by Lucas Beaufort

Our good homie Lucas Beaufort has spent the last year traveling the world and meeting some of the most influential people in people in skateboarding to talk about how it has changed their lives and the future of print magazines. He documented it all and is making a new video called “Devoted”, coming in June of […]

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Adidas Away Days Tour Video

BIG THANKS to Adidas Skateboarding and Hasco for setting this event up. It was dope to skate with the Adidas team and everyone else who came out! Adidasありがとうございます!!!

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The LB Experience

I first reached to Lucas back in September on a whim, with hopes of coming up with some kind of event to happen here in Japan. As a fan of photography and a fan of Lucas’ work, I thought it would be rad to come up with something epic… and we did. 私は最初ここ日本で大きなイベントをしたいと思い、9 月にルーカスに連絡した。彼はBig Artistで返事が返ってくるか不安だったが返事が来て THE […]

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